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First of all, personally i wouldn't sell a FIREARM to someone thats only been on CG for a few weeks period.. Thats just me. So that would be much more sound advice in my opinion rather than the PP issue..
Sound judgement should be used anytime you buy or sell firearms and ammo , no matter how its paid for. Hell I dont like buying cars with a big wad of cash.. Never know who your gonna run into on the web. So While Im not dismissing the OP's concern here by any means, Im just saying PP is pretty low on the risk-scale if you know the buyer has a good reputation.

Sometimes you see something you don't have the cash for and want to slam it on a credit card. If the seller says no PP I'd say thanks and move along too..

Originally Posted by thaiphob25 View Post
You guys are missing the point.

It is common paypal scam when people pay using paypal and then take possession of the item. Once they have the item in hand they go back and file a claim with paypal that the item was not recived and then paypal would take the money out of your account.
Thats why you take the money out first.. PP issues debit cards.. If they are meeting you with an ID that matches their PP info and an FFL has to do the transfer then whats the problem? And they cant file a complaint because they cant tell PP they bought a firearm.. And as far as theyre concerned your paying someone "for a service" to deliver something to a FFL for you..

Originally Posted by sh1nk3n View Post
This was attempted fraud. The fraudster is insistent that you give him your Paypal email address so he can send you a Paypal Transfer. He then sends you a phishing email that appears to be from Paypal that asks you to log in, and if you click through and log in, the fraudster then has your email address and your password. He then logs into Paypal using your login information and buys himself something nice. With your money.
Anyone dumb enough not to spot bogus email like this shouldn't be transferring money on the web anyway..
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