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Its not all a racket, there are plenty of vendors, and a list is kept at the bitcoins forums. You gotta be quick for some of them since they delete any posts with guns or chemistry. Its a niche market, you can use bitcoins for a variety of gaming stuff, especially for EVE. Maybe one day you can buy food with it and pay rent...

The hacking that has taken place targeted personal computers and some networks. Logging in and transfering bitcoins from the victims wallet to the theifs wallet. Asides from the networks that were hacked, the home users are probably the type that lose their credit card every month, and click on whatever add pops up from the internet.

There is risk in everything. One should have a laptop only used for transactions fitted with tor, truecrypt, and only used sparingly and disconnected from the net when not in use. No twiting, no games. Your side of the ethernet is the easiest to be hacked. Beyond that its in gods hands.
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