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If it were me
1st question I would ask is
'what criteria has not been met, what can I do to meet that criteria'
Everything else is dependent on the answer to that, try to not allow a vague answer

if the lack of sufficient cause is the stated reason, I would ask how that is possible considering during his campaign he stated personal protection is sufficient cause

Psych, could be another reason, im sure others can provide a better response, absent something better, id start with reminding him that I am applying for a CCW, not applying to be an officer, I hope others can provide better response to that, it's the national/federal psych standard

Something in Background; it was x years ago, I've learned many lessons since and rest assured nothing even remotely close can occur in the future

Hopefully someone can provide some better responses to the various reasons that might be given

see if you can call your investigator to get a better idea what criteria wasnt met, that might help.

maybe reschedule 'after' the sheriff tells you the reason, letting him know that you have been given insufficient time to prepare, based on the fact you was not given a specific reason and you would like time to prepare an effective appeal.
after all, he's had since you appealed to prepare, by asking questions of everyone involved, you should be afforded the same opportunity.

Good luck

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