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Sacramento County used to be very difficult with only 250 in the entire county. I was denied, spoke with the detective, and setup my appeal meeting with the LT.

It was very similar to a police cadet interview. I was asked why I needed one and given multiple scenarios. Every time he had a reason why I didn't need one, I gave him examples of when his scenario could leave me exposed.

For example, I was working at the range and would close by myself regularly. He stated that I could legally carry with permission from my boss on range property. I gave him examples of when I locked my gun, unloaded, in the trunk of my car before going home. At that time I was exposed to robbery and those individuals would have complete access to all of the firearms and ammunition on the premises. I also was exposed when driving home because my firearm was locked in the trunk.

He also gave me scenarios of when I was out at the bar or club with my LEO friends and we see a robbery in progress. My response was I wouldn't be armed at a bar or club because my CCW would prohibit it. Should my friends get into a shootout I'd call 911. They don't want Zimmermans or wannabe cops.

Expect scenarios and a decent "cause" for carrying. Some counties accept "Personal Protection", but many still don't. I recently changed to Placer and they aren't Shall Issue, but the interviewing deputy said the Sheriff has given specific orders to help law abiding citizens acquire their permits. Mine was that in my current profession I handle millions of dollars and some clients want physical gold or silver, which may require me to transport. I was honest and told him it was unlikely, but he said it was good enough for him. I had my permit with Sac for 11 years and just finished my first with Placer. These counties are great because they believe in allowing their citizens to practice their 2nd Amendment rights.

Good luck Op.
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