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Default Service Rifle/M1 Garand Clinic and Match - February 12, 2017

What: The Southern California Golden Bears ( will be sponsoring a Civilian Marksmanship Program (“CMP”) Sanctioned Service Rifle/M1 Garand Clinic and Match (“Clinic/Match”). Students will learn about safety, marksmanship, and get an introduction to "Across The Course" (XTC) shooting. The Clinic/Match promotes firearms safety and marksmanship for U. S. citizens through instruction and live firing practice. This is a natural stepping stone to XTC rifle competition as sponsored by the National Rifle Association (NRA) and CMP.

When: February 12, 2017 Sunday. Check-in at 7:30am. Class starts at 8:00am, please advance-register as space is –

Where: Angeles Shooting Range Complex (“ASR”). Fort Angeles (“Ft. A”) is a private range, across from Moore-N-Moore Sporting Clays. Ft. A is a 100 yard facility.

$20 Adults, $5 Juniors (under 21 years of age). If you elected to use the club’s M1 Garand rifle, 35 rounds of club-approved 30-06 ammunition is available for purchase for $25. AR15 uppers or rifles available with ammunition for $16.

The Clinic/Match will be taught by CMP Master Instructors. You will learn the safe-handling and the effective use of the AR15 Service Rifle, M1A, and M1 Garand as a target rifle.

Upon completion of the clinic, participants will shoot the 35-round match known as the John C. Garand A-Course (“JCG A-Course”). Since Ft. A is a 100 yard facility, SR-1 targets, 200 yard reduced targets, will be used. The JCG A-Course is outlined as follows.

a) Participants will shoot 15 rounds (five rounds are sighting shots while 10 rounds are for record) from the prone position.
b) Participants will shoot 10 rapid/controlled fire rounds. Participants will start from standing position then transition or dive into the prone position.
c) Finally, participants will shoot 10 slow-fire rounds while standing, unsupported, no “hasty” sling support whatsoever.

Clinic participants may bring their own California legal AR15, M1 Garand or use one of the loaner rifles or uppers. If participants elect to use their own rifle, the rifle’s safety/fire function will be checked, and/or participants will be asked to demonstrate the safety/fire function of the rifle.

Since this is an ASR facility, range-safe ammo (non-magnetic, no steel core, no tungsten/armor piercing ammo, no green-tipped penetrator) is required.

More importantly, please bring your eye and ear protection for the live-fire segment. Moreover, use of Empty Chamber Indicator (“ECI”) is mandatory. ECIs are for sale at the match if you do not have one.


Clinic Flyer -
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