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Originally Posted by TrailerparkTrash View Post
You can get an excellent book (numerous to choose from on the subject) a 7.5 minute topo map of an area you like, compass and learn it yourself!!! It's not hard and you'll save money.

Both of my kids learned it on their own at the age of 12 and 13, by reading and doing. Now it's second nature to them every time we go camping.

If you've figured out how to use a smart phone, word or surf the Internet, you can teach yourself how to do land nav with Map & compass.
I agree with ^^^^This^^^^.... It's not that hard to learn. I prefer the UTM system. Get a lensatic compass and a few compact protractors that fit your scale (i use 1:24k maps). Orient yourself, learn to read contour, shoot an azimuth.... It's really simple actually. I even detail my maps. I fold a 24x36 map down to eight 9x12 sections so it will fit in a map case. Each folded section has a hand drawn mag north arrow with the declination off-set in the center for faster orientation without having to unfold the entire map. Give it a try before taking a class if map/land nav are only what you're after.......

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