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Originally Posted by Kestryll View Post
Is this still the road this community wants to follow or should we pick a new path?


There is no doubt about it. In order for us to be effective in reaching a measurable goal (of which I know none), then we are without cause. We cannot simply stand by this “educating the community and promoting shooting” nonsense. I call it nonsense, because it’s clearly not working, and has not been working (at least in this state) for quite some time. We have had a massive influx of people from parts of this country and others, that no amount of education and exposure will fix because they DO NOT AGREE. We have to come to terms with this idea. The idea that some people will not change, and some people just hate guns for x or y reason. We are fighting a culture war. Shooting events and education should not be used to sway political opinion. Those events and education should be used to bolster our position, and will not work to sway the anti-2A crowd. It’s simply an ineffective tactic.

In order to prevail over the enemy, we must know what the enemy believes. We should not refer to statistics as truth. We should not refer to government studies, NGO studies, none of that crap; when we refer to the truth about guns, we refer to our inalienable rights to keep and bear arms, as laid out by our founding fathers in the Bill of Rights, and that is all the truth we need. We mustn’t stray from our rights. This fight is not about guns, this fight is about our rights.

Should we refocus towards a single political ideology or Party?

Hell yes. Obviously. Our political ideology should be preserving the second amendment. We need to, FIGURATIVELY OF COURSE, arm up and stand guard over our constitution against the ****ers trying to invalidate it. Again, not literally arm up and stand watch, but mentally and spiritually.

Should we forego the family and workplace friendly requirements expecting that younger members now are more 'worldly' and parents won't mind them seeing adult language, images and topics here?

No, but I do know of the hidden subforum. Maybe we can open up the “A blank blank” subforum through secret handshakes, and loosen up the rules? OT for members only, hidden subforum for known members? Seems a bit childish, but it will keep a majority of our trash threads hidden from the general public. I would be afraid of it becoming an even louder echo chamber, but what choice is there? Keep the ****. I think **** is plenty for us to get our point across.

Should we limit discussion to solely pro-2A and not allow members to post opinions and views that aren't pro 2A?

NO. We are fighting a culture war. We need to create a tribe to breed a culture. Not even the Huns wanted to talk about weapons all day.

Should we loosen or remove the rules mandating civil discussion and behavior among members, allow insults, name calling and rude posts?

We should be able to call each out on our ****. We should be able to expose, tar, and feather a troll, so long as people keep it civil in discussion. We should be able to disagree and have conversations among men. Sometimes people just don’t agree, and we need to learn that it’s OK. We must allow ideas to be presented, and either argued until accepted, or beaten with a stick until the idea is dead in the water. Sometimes a member might get into a heated discussion with another member (I know I’m guilty) and we should be able to. How else will we learn to accept each other and coexist with ourselves? Sometimes men just need to say some nasty **** to each other and trade a couple punches before they shake hands and have a beer. Don’t go all nanny on us.

We can’t fight on emotion, but we must fight with it. We are Americans, not robots. The emotion and passion felt by our founding fathers was probably incomprehensible. We must find and harness this passion, and passion can be brought about with discussion. We need to have those discussions, and as we all know how more rules “solves” a problem, amirite?

Should we focus more on being a 'gun talk' community and less on 2A rights, moving towards being a social community rather than a civil rights focused community?

Middle ground. Remember, build a tribe to breed a culture. This is a culture war, Kes!

We've become stagnant and frankly a bit complacent and I don't blame anyone more than myself.
They say a fish rots from the head down and I've felt rather disconnected and disengaged for a while now.

You know what, I’m going to call you on that.

You’re absolutely right. You know, as well as the rest of us, that you are the stitching holding together the calguns forum. No need to get into specifics, we all ****ing know it.

You are not present on these forums enough. Why can’t you start up a little bull**** thread of the calguns truck that everyone knows and loves? Shine her up real nice and post a thread in OT so we can all ohhh and ahhh. Make your presence known, as any leader should. Don’t just lurk in the shadows with a monthly ban threat in some random dumpster fire thread, grab the reigns and be the leader! Shut down calguns for 5 minutes and hide all the threads for a gag. Get into an argument about what combination pizza is the best. Something! I get it, you have a life and can’t be all over the state to shoot with us at events, that’s why we all use this forum. Let your presence be known.

Don’t get even me started on calguns presence in the valley. The Fresno area has over a million people. Sheriff Mims is pro-2A and should be worked with. Bakersfield is growing fast. Another great sheriff. Merced County, Tulare County, all pro-2A sheriffs. Calguns should be working with them. There has to be some mutually agreeable political positioning to be gained with coordination with local sheriffs that have expressed their backing of the Constitution.

We’re hung out to dry. No calguns events. No truck sightings. The valley is gun loving but gets no love because we aren’t living in a million dollar 3/2 next door to a Whole Foods. At least, that’s how I and many valley residents feel with regard to 2A groups and their general interaction with our community. I know you all think we’re out in the middle of no where, but there are real Americans out here and we occupy the territory between Sac and LA. Keep that in mind.
That’s all I got. I did the best I could on my phone without spending more than the hour I already did.

Feel free to bonk me with the ban hammer, just don’t make it permanent!
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