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At the end of the day its up to you on what you really want Calguns to be. However, making it a viable business or a true gun/pro gun activism message board site are something you need to choose. I don't think you can have BOTH as both personalities will clash and won't unite.

On one hand you want all the members and/or daily users as much possible to please advertisers but on the other hand they have no clue or interest on activism whatsoever just trolling to satisfy their personal fancy.

While the real gun guys are so fed up with these trolls they don't come on here anymore or maybe once a month.

A great example I've seen in the past is when someone is asking a gun question, a gun guy takes his time to explain and write his view in detail about the topic but these trolls just discredit with one or two words without any reason behind it but purely a troll play. Its incidents like these make the real gun people not participate anymore.

Sure and of course everyone has their own opinion and not everyone will agree but we can agree to disagree and move on but there are many will always need the last word or need to win.

So in conclusion, it all depends what you want Calguns going forward.

I enjoy being here from playing around sometimes to venting to asking questions to buy/sell, but mostly I enjoy the knowledge of all walks of life here.
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