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As far as "Off Topic" goes, it has it's place, especially when "an on going event" takes place on news feeds. i.e., Officer down, local break ins, and just plain ole light hearted humor---Things and stuff if you will.

There are plenty of sub-forums to visit, if "Off Topic" isn't your cup of tea, don't go there. The same applies to the Market Place; if you find an item "over priced" in your view, do what you would in a brick and mortar, give it a pass.

No need to dump the Market Place because something is outlandishly expensive, any more than "Off Topic" should be eliminated.

Nothing's perfect but Calguns is the best thing we have, let's not wreak it trying to improve something that ain't broken.

Respectfully (just an opinion)
Take responsibility for your own actions!

WE are the NRA.

"The enemy is anybody who's going to get you killed, no matter which side he's on". -Joseph Heller, novelist (1 May 1923-1999)
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