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Leel, your post is heartbreaking.

You are bearing your identity as Californian gun ownership here and sounded like you're very tired. Times are changing and sometimes its really hard for us to keep up. Especially when half the country keeps putting the blame on us. Maybe we should listen.

Look, this year alone, I was as active as any NRA highpower competitive shooters, I was new, I f**king love this sh**, but also, was difficult to swallow recent tragedies and the overall tone of the political party that 'dominates' most shooting activities.

I really love the people I shoot with, but hate the fact that current politics affects how they perceive/look at certain ideas/politics they dont like.

I truly wish these two never mixes, bc at the bottom of it, I do love my firearms, for everything they are there for.

But there are real concerns, data points, that we need to consider, and unless we discuss these things, we can't move forward.

We are Californian gun owners, we should look at our neighbors in the eyes and at least engage for once.
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