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Fish rot head first. Yes. California law is the fish. not you, not calguns.

used to be a lot more active in reading on calguns. Now i go into general and am just embarrassed really. I read these thread titles and am like wow thatís ca for me..

go into local and state level, even federal laws.. the more I knew the less I wanted to know. Like a bad drug side effect.

donít get me wrong, I too can be very ignorant when it comes to a lot of subjects. it is sad to see the mental gymnastics one has to go through to just be law abiding.. and not to mention how easy it is to not be law abiding. Lots of people donít want to know, or even can grasp how bad it really is these days in Ca. Non involved. Itís a shame.

I honestly took a lot from this site. it gave me a good perspective on what all goes on at the local and state levels of activism, and law making, etc.

the outcome is being educated no doubt, which is far from bad. Maybe that is all this stated wanted in the end? lol


but ya, i would suggest not changing much, ya the moderation is very much on par, no reason to add vulgar content, as others have suggested. This is a California gun owners encyclopedia, donít trash it up!

What do we as members of this community want from both this State and this community in the future?
Hard to say, ask all we want, we are all still here. It would be nice to not be public enemy number one- owners, for one..

As for this community.. idk I try to steer as many as I can to this website, especially when it comes to any legal questions I cant answer..

As for diversifying, I donít see the point this site is a very helpful tool already, what more do you want? It would be nice to get the younger crowd or anyone more involved, generating more traffic. I try to do my part on that. I have gifted many firearms, etc.

As far as the echo chamber goes, ya some resenting opinions help but as has just witnessed you have to be careful with that one. This is a public gun forum. anti 2a discussions, members, etc. should not receive a free platform. I agree with the other poster that said censorship leads to unfavorable outcomes, however this I feel should not be overlooked. Gun owners are fractured enough, not just in Ca apparently.

Is this still the road this community wants to follow or should we pick a new path?
No setting the clock back buddy, we have all made our beds. Now we sleep. You are righteous and you know it.. sleep well.

Gun owners anonymous anyone?
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