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Default 17 HM2's Chicken and Egg Problem

I've always seen a lot of older conversation around 17 HM2. I'm interested in the caliber because it seems like a good way to get lead-free varmint ammo with a barrel change to a typical 22LR.

But I've found that most places have discontinued making 17 HM2 barrels, citing lack of ammo availability causing low demand. Well now 17 HM2 seems to be cheaper than ever, I've seen boxes for 12 CPR which is about half the price of 22 WMR. But nobody's making barrels for them anymore! There are some dedicated guns being chambered in 17 HM2 now but I thought the big sell was that you could use your existing 22LR platform and get better performance at range.

What do you guys think of the caliber? Would you buy a 17 HM2 barrel if people started making them again?

(And for those wondering, Hornady's 17 HM2 15.5 grain NTX is on California's approved list of non-lead ammo.)

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