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What do we as members of this community want from both this State and this community in the future?

Obvious answer: to leave us as alone, respect our rights, and know that they agree to disagree and make actual good faith discussions with a policy that doesn't just punish the law-abiding.

More political action and exercising rights via voting and finding within or supporting politicians that will fight for 2A rights and policy.

Is this still the road this community wants to follow or should we pick a new path?

This community would benefit from a regional structure with meetings and community outreach like political campaigns do. Maybe a table at a fair or farmers market where good faith professional discussion made regardless of what antis may say or do.

The real change needs to focus on bringing new people in and younger for sure. Maybe sponsor a range day for new shooters or those interested. Even those against that are open to learning about them.

Maybe even handing out gun locks and encourage responsible and safe gun ownership. Free basic training and intro courses/instruction to those interested.

Should we refocus towards a single political ideology or Party?

Yes. No way around it, the right is more friendly to 2A and all rights. This is not to say we should not appeal to Democrats or Independents. It should be standalone and really focus more on the policy issues in relation to the 2A and how it's more about freedom and choice.

Basically, all are welcome, but here is how if you aren't voting R, you are voting against your interests as a gun owner/enthusiast.

Should we forego the family and workplace friendly requirements expecting that younger members now are more 'worldly' and parents won't mind them seeing adult language, images and topics here?

No. Keep it professional here. I like it that way. Gives us a better image thats more refined.

Should we limit discussion to solely pro-2A and not allow members to post opinions and views that aren't pro 2A?

No. Let them be here. But they should know what to expect being on this site.

Should we loosen or remove the rules mandating civil discussion and behavior among members, allow insults, name calling and rude posts?

No. We should expect more from each other. Always take the high ground and stay on message. We should be civil and act like adults here.

Should we focus more on being a 'gun talk' community and less on 2A rights, moving towards being a social community rather than a civil rights focused community?

No. We need to be both. If we aren't fighting for our rights, there will be nothing to talk about.

As for what would be good outside of this. I think there have been some great ideas.

Things to consider
  • A forum for talking points/counter-arguments to all leftist talking points
  • References to be made as well to include cases, historical firearms, etc.
  • Require or strongly encourage NRA/CRPA membership-- maybe some perks?
  • Try and partner with known celebrities. For ex. Tomi Lahren is young, attractive, and now living in SoCal/Dana Loesch/Antonia Okafor
  • Put a stop to a lot the comments here that are highly racially charged. There is a lot of racist comments and insinuations made here a lot. It does not help our side.
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