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Originally Posted by ja308 View Post
Nevada used to have a very active RKBA community.
Las Vegas is one of the fastest growing metropolitan areas in the United States, with its population increasing from 273,000 in 1972 to 2,204,079 in 2017.

That gives it a 2/3 majority out of 3.03 million people in Nevada, like the city folk in California.

Thanks to Reynolds v. Sims, they control the state.

I wonder if they would find this letter interesting enough to motivate them to help change the legislature back into something that represents Nevada, as opposed to California east .
Urban residents understandably support gun control having had no exposure to firearms beyond news reports of people killing each other (neglecting to mention that both victims and murderers are overwhelmingly criminals) and Hollywood writers following the Entertainment Industries Council guide on how to portray guns and gun owners negatively.

That contains pearls of wisdom like
  • Emphasize that wielding a firearm in selfdefense may ironically increase one’s risk of death or injury by increasing the likelihood that the assailant will use his or her own weapon.
  • Consider having a character use a gun in what he/she believes is self-defense only to be charged with murder or manslaughter because it’s determined that excessive or unjustified lethal force was deployed.

Im thinking this filty maggot would have been drilled even quicker if he tried that in Nevada !
Like the Nevada spree killer who murdered 58 before committing suicide?

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