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I've been a member of Calguns since the days of Ramon. It was a smaller community back then. Almost everyone was of like mind. I do remember there were trolls, but they were dismissed and left unfed.

I was glad when Kestryll was able to bring us Calguns 2.0 and progress was made in the area of off-list lowers. Milpitas and soon Taft became the meccas for northern California and southern California respectively. I still have my Stag lowers from the early days.

We had something to fight for and everyone was on board. No doubt the California AG's office and DOJ gathered more information from Calguns than their own investigations. Eventually it was used against the 2A proponents, but that's the price of open discussions.

Then came the fiasco by the Los Angeles DA's office against BlackWaterOps. All of us learned about the dangers of an open internet and social media. Again Calguns was at the front of the battle. Not everyone agreed about this case, but it opened everyone's eyes. Again the result of open discussions, pro and con.

Frank and open discussions are what makes Calguns a great forum. I look down upon censorship of any kind. Back in the day of AOL chat rooms, I was a host for Paintball. I worked in the paintball industry and wanted to promote the new sport. All hosts were trained by AOL to maintain their standards and were equipped with the ability to gag and ban members in chat rooms. I only gagged people in direct violation of AOL policy (mostly vulgarity) and only because it was probably an AOL shill.

Calguns needs to maintain a family friendly atmosphere. Kids do have access. We need to police our own actions whenever possible, but moderators are needed as well.

Regarding 2A issues, Calguns has forums for activists. Unfortunately not everyone is motivated until something hits close to home. It was the same way in the paintball industry. We were always worried that something would happen to ban the sport. David Horowitz and the toy gun ban came close. Most people in the paintball industry never realized how close it got. On a national level, paintball was banned from SHOT by NSSF. The ban was lifted only after Daisy became involved in paintball. I'm glad I was able to help facilitate that endeavor.

The popularity of Calguns is it's greatest strength and it's greatest weakness. I'm not sure what would happen if left unchecked.
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