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Originally Posted by big red View Post
I think that is a good deal. We need the target practice but you have to keep our illegals from sneaking over the border. Our ag stations are not going to stop them. you send those four back and they will just go to a country club jail in California with our politicians making sure they get preferred treatment. think you can get your legislature to send that back in letter form to our governor?
Last I recall Governor Brown was all for Troops on the Mexican Border providing they were checking for American made guns that were being smuggled to Mexico. But of course, Guns of all type even Fully Automatic Military grade weapons are actually cheaper on the International Black market vs limited capacity US Civilian Guns. Im sure its easier to smuggle 100s of Russian Military RPGs into the USA vs US Made Bottle Rockets into Mexico.

Im sure his heart was in the right place, but his brains were sure somewhere else. There are surprisingly many in the California State Government with the same affliction.

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