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The below IS NOT aimed at any one on this board. It is NOT intended to offend anyone.


During Gunmageddon it was difficult to get people to volunteer to pass out fliers. I had a hell of a time placing the ones I had. Most business shunned the thought of having firearm material displayed.

There are a lot of reasons some folks cannot participate in "meet up", "get togethers" etc. How many times have volunteers been needed to man booths at certain events and fall short of bodies.

Yes, these are all good ideas but realistically, harder to achieve than it is to engage in due to life's commitments.

I'm old and cranky and have been fighting this battle since the middle 80's when snail mail was about the only way to rattle politico cages. (phone calls were all toll calls back then)

This sight and the info garnered has been very helpful to me and others that I have introduced to it. The Head Janitor and his crew do a great job.

I want to thank each and everyone on this board whether I agree with you or not for your contributions.

Take responsibility for your own actions!

WE are the NRA.

"The enemy is anybody who's going to get you killed, no matter which side he's on". -Joseph Heller, novelist (1 May 1923-1999)
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