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Originally Posted by Exdc View Post

I believe that laws should be 100% data driven.

With that said, I have been working, successfully, over the past almost 10 years (or it will be 10 years in less than 2 weeks) to be a model gun owner.

There. An opportunity for us to redefine what it means to be a model gun owner/operator/enthusiast in the 21st century.

Maybe the face(s) of Californian (and American) gun owners no longer need to be dictated/represented by a single source (i.e NRA).

That's like having 300 millions of rich and traditionally diverse Americans having face-value representation in just 2-party politics. oh wait...

Jokes aside, we should have an open mind about what it means to own a gun today. Unlike 50 years ago, the gun industry now cater to US consumer's conspicious purchasing behavior (we don't just have 1 hunting rifle/household anymore) and this requires introspection in our attitude, liability, and even culpability that makes up for ownership responsibilities.

At US$1+ billion output contribution from California alone, we are the 2nd biggest participant in the gun industry* - and the misalignment of social/cultural representation here is a symptom of a larger void, in which Californians don't yet have a definitive gun culture that's also relevant in a predominantly progressive and liberal State.

This is a real opportunity/space that can be filled from the ground up! (local meets, outreach programs through calguns, etc.) instead of top-down (NRA culture = CRPA culture = calguns culture = all CA gun owner culture). The latter is an incumbent position and is now too awkward at best.

As a younger shooter myself, I can assure you that I love my guns and plan to keep shooting them forever. Whether or not we share the same dillema that is now tied to older politics, probably not. We're more likely ro re-organize on our own and set our own sub-culture going forward, and this may not align at all with our predecessors.

So yes, an outreach, dialogue, if sincere and open-minded, are maybe the best approach.

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