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I just want to share some of my thoughts as a younger individual firearm owner, without going on a tired diatribe.

I was lucky enough to receive a firearm from my father at the age of 17, a remington targetmaster, he himself had never been much for firearms and inherited that from a family member. It started my foray into firearms today.

And as a relatively young man of 29, what follows are some of my observances within the local community or lack thereof.

-Older 2nd amendment supporters, enthusiasts survivalists or anything in between tend to be very unwelcoming and downright disdainful to younger folk like myself. I understand the responsibility of owning a firearm and that it is not to be taken lightly under any circumstance but for the unfortunate majority of the time I deal with the 40+ crowd at shows or ranges it leaves a sour taste in my mouth.

I am made of stern material, I have a good constitution so things like that don't bother me. But I often think of the young people that come after me, looking for direction from the more experienced people in the hobby who didn't have someone to lead them or teach them in the right direction, and those people more than likely understand how poignant it is.

I may not know everything but I do my best to help newcomers into their own, teach them how I was taught. Which segues into my next point.

-No community/events outside of the forums.

At least that I'm aware of, I do my best to stay in the loop but gun shows are far between and while occasional meet ups that aren't ATF honeypots are fun it feels like as a whole, we as a community do not come together in any formidable fashion.

I myself am fairly isolated in the part of the valley I reside, the noose feels like it's getting tighter. It would be so easy to capitulate and just let the people that hold nothing but contempt for the 2nd amendment beat us down but I think we should start making substantial moves to come together and get involved. Not just from the confines of our comfy home.

Just a few more points.

In this day and age it is seen as distasteful to support our livelihood and rights, especially in an era where someone can get you fired over the internet for an "incorrect" opinion.

A lot of people don't take a stance for this very reason, too many of the wrong crowd, not enough guys like us.

I would love for there to be more groups/gatherings and political push on our behalf, which means we have to guide people just getting into firearms in the right direction, it starts with us. I think that is the key to getting legislation back on path here in California
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