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I'm not going to hunt with this, shoot skeet with this, or use it for home defense. It's just to blast stuff in the dez. I know logic has nothing to do with it, but I don't want to make something worse than an off-the-shelf option.
So it seems that it comes back to aesthetics for me then. Do I want to pay $50 more for what is probably an inferior quality shotgun (but still serviceable), or get the Stoeger in 20" or 26"?

20" because the shorter, side-by-side break action is the most wicked-looking firearm ever conceived (and partly due to it's elegance [simplicity]).
If you were going to shoot clays with it, you'd want the 26", however the 26" for HD and desert blasting, the *sawed off* effect is nowhere near as pronounced.

On the other hand, since the receiver is so short, the overall length of the 26" gun isn't as long as a rifle with a similar barrel length.

As for the 20 gauge vs. 12, if the 20 gauge is built on a smaller receiver (less mass), then the perceived recoil may be about as pronounced as a 12 gauge, so... and really, 12 does it all with the availability of reduced-recoil rounds, various buck sizes and slug weights.
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