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Originally Posted by tallengnr1 View Post
Here is an article where they tested velocity of different shotgun loads on different length barrels:

He measured barrels from 20" to 36" and every few inch increase in length shows a small increase in projectile velocity.
I just came across The Box O Truth for the first time recently. Love the whole concept. I also saw the link to the test on choke and pattern. I haven't read it yet, but the line that it's all about choke and not about barrel length was pretty clear.

Originally Posted by smittty View Post
The two stoeger coach guns I had were both made in Brazil. One was 12 ga and the other 20 ga.

Regarding barrel length, it's personal preference.

My Beretta o/u had 30" barrels and the stoeger had 20", and on the trap field, yes I said trap field, both worked just fine.

The guys at the club seemed to get a kick out of seeing the coach gun and I always let people try it.

Everyone was surprised that they were hitting the clays with it, and that's with the same target loads as what you normally use so what does that tell you?
What did you think of 12 vs 20-ga? That's going to be the next issue for me. right now I have 20-ga guns, and I'm a little reluctant to start adding another caliber/gauge to my storage locker.

So it seems that it comes back to aesthetics for me then. Do I want to pay $50 more for what is probably an inferior quality shotgun (but still serviceable), or get the Stoeger in 20" or 26"?
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