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my 2 cents,
The Gun community in general lacks focus and as such is an easy target for the left. Perhaps a clear set of goals set forward on Calguns as to what everyone should be working towards and how to get there. That way everyone could start pulling in the same direction. There are a lot of very opinionated people here and some of them will need to suck it up and get behind a path even if they do not think it is the right path.
Maybe a first step could be a CRPA/NRA membership drive. Easy to announce and see if type of consensus on a simple matter can be reached.

As for the trolls that exist here, there is a difference between someone having a different opinion and those that are here just to stir the pot. There are many trolls here that should be tossed as they only muddy the water and cause dissension. This seems to be their goal and they are very successful at it. Those that are here to help and have different opinions should be allowed to voice them.

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