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Originally Posted by Foothills View Post
Let me share a few critical incidents.

Last night I was talking with a woman who is the daughter of Chinese immigrants. She actually expressed interest in moving from LA to San Bernardino County to improve the odds of getting a CCW.

But...I know that I could never take her to a Republican party event because of the level of anti-immigrant rhetoric.

A black female colleague asked for advice on how to get proper defensive firearms training. She and her daughter went to a facility I recommended. They were treated very professionally. In fact, she noticed that they were the only people of color present, and felt like everyone was being extra polite because they were so surprised to see people like them there for good training.

A few months ago I was flying Southwest and sat next to a black woman who is an entrepreneur. She moved from SoCal to Georgia. I had to ask, “OK, so what is that like for you?” She knew immediately what I was talking about. And pointed out, “My husband is a veteran, so it’s great!” They also moved to a new mixed development with lots of professional immigrants. They fit right in with the various doctors and I.T. Professionals from India and many other places.

And the sad reality is that when I try to suggest outreach to these kinds of groups, Republican activists tend to react with fear or hostility. They’re not even willing to go talk with people and find out they have ideologies in common.

Until the California Republican party opens up to more outreach, we are going to be stuck with the other party that is completely hostile to 2A interests.

What Trump should be saying is that if these other countries had a 2nd Amendment, citizens would be able to defend their own communities and they wouldn’t need to become refugees in the U.S.

Heck, the Mexican vigilantes who are taking territory back from the drug cartels apparently got the idea from Californians. It’s a natural constituency.

Instead of railing against immigrants, Republicans and Calgunners should keep reminding people that they come to America because it is much safer, and it is safer because of an armed citizenry.
Republicans want immigration- legal immigration. Meaning follow and obey the laws on the books. Democrats could care less about the laws unless it furthers their cause. Then, its all about "due process".
And FYI, the term "people of color" is a made up phrase created by the dems to divide us, not unite us. Please drop that from your vocabulary.
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