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Originally Posted by Citadelgrad87 View Post
As someone, ahem, who has caught the odd ban for rules violations, my thoughts.

Do not open this up to NSFW and more adult posts. At the very least, put that in a well marked forum that can be avoided. There is plenty of that all over the internet, nothing will be gained by opening that tap.

I do not want to hang around an echo chamber where everyone thinks and says the same thing. That said, I think there is a fine line, and people who are working against our rights should be closely watched. Not banned or censored, but we donít need arsonists, either.

The rules about discourse are fine with me, too, even though I have been spanked over them. Points can be made within the rules. Take off the check against overt insults and name calling and this place will be the bear pit in ten days.

Again, maybe an all bets are off clearly marked sub forum, but not site wide.

Just my humble contribution.
Agree. 100%
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