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Default How Much Difference does 2" Make?

How much difference does 2" Make? (heh heh)

I'm considering a coach gun. The Stoeger is, of course, the lead candidate. However, for no real logical reason, 20" barrels just look too short to me. I came across the Cimarron versions, and they have a 22" model. It looks like that's cylinder, versus the Stoeger's IC and M chokes. A few thoughts/questions:

My impression is that the Stoeger is better quality. Anyone have an opinion here?

How much difference in velocity would the 2" in barrel length make? Is it worth buying a 26" Stoeger (for less money) and lopping off 4"? (I mean, it's possible that I'd buy the 26" version and decide I like it and never do anything to modify it.)

Is IC/M out of a 20" barrel going to pattern better/farther than a 22" cylinder?

I'm not going to hunt with this, shoot skeet with this, or use it for home defense. It's just to blast stuff in the dez. I know logic has nothing to do with it, but I don't want to make something worse than an off-the-shelf option.
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