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Basically grew up out in this area. Its the only place I shoot and noticed on New Years when I was out there how much of a mess it has become since I started shooting at the beginning of 2013. I try to grab as much random trash as I can when I leave but a lot of it is big stuff( propane tanks, tires, Large pieces of plywood, makeshift targets, etc.) I watched a group tow a old jet ski out there and blow it up with tannerite then leave the mess behind...I was furious!

I would totally be interested in this and would love to help any way I can. My brother and I both have trucks we could load trash up in. Pulled a 6x12 enclosed uhaul out last trip to sleep in but could also double as a awesome trash tote. (30 bucks for 24hr rental and they are pretty nice and roomy inside)

Originally Posted by Droppin Deuces View Post
Awesome. It would be great if we could find out where we can dump all of the trash around there, too.
There are dumpsters inside the OHV park that are accessible to the public. I could contact the Park Rangers and check and see if we could use them.

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Hey guys. Sorry I haven't posted anything here lately. I just haven't had time to head out that way to shoot since October. Was out there this past Saturday racing around in the dirt, but didn't do any shooting. Saw plenty of trash, though.

How about we try to get something going after Superbowl weekend? Maybe even a camp and shoot in the spirit of the annual Zombie event.
We should plan a weekend trip out of it that way people with desert toys can come and have fun also. My dads church does a annual Desert Shoot Out (DSO) in this spot in November and about 2-300 guys show up. It makes for a great time. The more people the more we can not only educate about guns but cleaning up our natural playgrounds.

March starts to get really nice out in this area for weather and also scenery. So maybe mid-late march. Lets set a date and do this! I don't want to loose my only shooting spot!

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