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I was looking at the LC9 for ccw too.
I like the feel and weight. shot capacity (7+1) is ok but I maintain the ideology that you should hit a target every shot.

only con for me is the long double action only. DAO sucks when trying to place follow-up shots in a tight group but then again this isnt a target pistol is it. In a ccw situation I dont need to keep all in the x of a silhouette target, I just need to stop whatever threat I encounter so I give the lc9 a little slack here. After all how accurate can a lightweight short barrel. Some might prefer the long DAO pull as it may prevent accidental discharge because you really have to deliberately pull the trigger to fire.

not to many choices in that size. Kel tec has PF9 but I dont think it on the list. The Glock 26, Xd compact, and the S&W Shield are not much bigger then the LC9 but may not be as concealable as you would like. I like the feel of the S&W M&P serries but have not help the Shield yet.
As always shop around a see what else is available.
So for now Im waiting to get my hands on a M&P Shield but if I dont like it I will most likely get the LC9.

here is a link to Shield models. look at the CA variants at bottom of page here is link to shield page
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