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Originally Posted by sfclandin View Post
Hmm how is offering job opportunity the Same as selling a product for a profit, I don’t get commission and still get paid whether I put people in the Army or not. The product I’m “selling” doesn’t cost you anything but your time. I’m just saying.
I won't normally post here, as it's for YOUNG Callgunners. However, since the CalNazi's are chiming in (MOST of you, are TOO OLD to be in here, anyways), I'm GOING to have a say.

Personally, I see nothing wrong with you posting this opportunity here. My younger daughter is in the Army, my older daughter is in the Navy. They're BOTH, far better off than they would be otherwise.

Unless Kestryll says something to you, I would just ignore the "CalNazi's" here. They're just showing their smugness, and arrogance, as usual.

Might be a good Idea to PM Kestryll, and see if there's something you can work out with him, to make a separate sub-forum for recruiters.

He's a pretty, straight up guy.

Thank you for your service, Sir.

To the "ThreadNazi's here:

In WHAT universe, is it wrong for a man to offer a youngster an opportunity to better themselves? Keep in mind, soldiers are not only PRO gun, but TRAINED. I would think you'd encourage this, as you desperately NEED this in The Peoples Repooblik.
Things like this are a serious part of the problem in California. For your own sake, stop being part of the problem, and become part of a solution. Stop being a bunch of whining, Suit-Wetters, or are you REALLY that short-sighted.

GOD, Civilians are annoying!


I think this is a good opportunity to do something helpful. Perhaps we should have a "Recruiters" sub-forum on CalGuns, so opportunities can be taken advantage of, by the Young' uns here.

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