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Originally Posted by Librarian View Post
You need to read one of the other stickies in this forum --

Your solution is a simple Federal felony, unless the buyer has an FFL.
It should be possible for dual residents to do that without an FFL, if the deal happens in one of their residency states. But for CA-only residents, it would be problematic.

Originally Posted by Dhena81 View Post
It really makes me mad to have to pay all these taxes. Federal 30% CA 9.8% and 8.75% sales tax on the remaining 60% of my money. Then we pay around 30 cents more a gallon of gas then basically all the other states. Ca goes through roughly 16 billion gallons of gas a year and generates 50 cents a gallon so they make 8 billion just on gas tax. Internet sales tax is small potatoes at an estimated 360 million a year that will be generated.

Yep. For transfer guns, we have to pay DROS and transfer fees. Tax on top of, it's effectively being taxed twice.
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