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Default Wife wants to carry - what are her chances?

We both live and work in Placer County, and my wife has brought up her "want" to carry a few times lately. It is a work related thing. I told her that writing her letter referencing that you need it for work might result in a "to and from work only" license.... She said "Fine with me, that's when I am most worried".

I am thinking though, since she is an independent contractor (her own business, but works at someone elses shop)... how would anyone know if she is on a work related outing or just a regular outing?

Her deal: she's a massage therapist and is sometimes the only person in the shop she works out of, often times the last person to leave, the rest of the business park is closed on the days she works, the business park doesn't get any traffic other than the people going there specifically, the shop backs up to acres of open land (fields, woods, train tracks), there is a lot of transients that pass by and "camp out" in those areas, there have been multiple break-in to the buildings as well as the cars in the area. So she is always a little freaked out when she has to walk herself out to her car when it's dark out, nobody around, and no chance of anyone driving by in the off chance that she was attacked.

So typically she parks real close to the door, but when she leaves, she is usually carrying a laundry basket full of her sheets and towels, has to set that down and lock the door then pick it up and carry it over to her car, put it in the trunk, then hop in and go..... not too smooth if you ask me, kinda hard to keep an eye out on everything around you. Her schedule is also pretty routine, same days and typically the same ending times - good for me, knowing her schedule... not very good if anyone decides to scope out the situation and use that to their benefit.

I would, of course be very jealous if she was to get one... but I would feel more comfortable knowing she has it and can use it if needed, and fully support getting her something other than my XD9 to carry

In the mean time, I plan to get her a couple things to carry and have for defensive purposes... but what would her chances be in getting approved for LTC in Placer County with that type of cause? I have read some stuff on applying, then taking a course when you have been approved for an interview, then the interview process and wait for approval and when it's all said and done you spend about $400 - is that about right, or did I mix things up?
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