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Originally Posted by thatrogue View Post
So 13 months after being over charged by $190 and denied due to minor vc violations after submitting a unnessary live scan, I finally gave Elaine @ PCSO a call which at the time of my denial seemed to be secratary for captain Hutchinson/mittensander and the under sherriff (I may be complety wrong thats just what the chain of events lead me to beileve).

She promptley called me back the same day and we spoke about my previous denial. That I may have been over charged, and since my denial they have changed PCSO ccw policy as not to overcharge people that have not been approved.

I was very happy to hear the new system and requested that my previos denial be reviewed again. She stated they may not review the denial, and that I should just start the process over.

I questioned this logic asking if I would be required to pay the fees I previously was over charged? She stated they could charge the fees in any matter they choose and that they only made the policy change as she felt times were tough and $20 denial was better than $210.

I politely vented frustration with the logic and asked if she was willing to speak with her supervisors to see if they could review my denial as to by pass all the red tape and not repay fees. She stated she will see what she can do and call me before the 2/15.

What are the guys "in the know" thoughts on this issue???
Isn't there any amount of money they can refund? I thought perhaps they might be able to at least give you some money back. Keep us updated, thanks.
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