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Originally Posted by Anti-Hero View Post
Unless (s)he's a Muslim, Jew, Hindu, Buddhist, or Atheist - then it might work against you. In a situation like this, my personal preference is to stick only to the facts of the interview. Small talk; be it political, religious, or social can be a double edged sword as you never know who you're talking too. In this case I'm sure you're fine ... but an effective investigator will often lead you into such conversations just to see what you say.
This may be true for other counties. But I know in the case of placer that the only person who is conducting the interviews is the semi-retired sheriff who is working directly for the head sheriff in doing these's not really a "luck of the draw" situation in Placer.

In any case, I was comfortable saying what I said, but you are probably right that it is best left unsaid, specifically in a situation where you dont know what the other person's views are; the interviewer may not agree with your politics/religion/etc and because of human nature, may affect the outcome.

Oh and I know i'm fine as far as the license is concerned.....I received it this past February
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