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Originally Posted by 43Duc View Post
I don't know of any difference between the signs. In the city I work in, a trespasser has to be admonished by either the landowner or a police officer (at the direction of the land owner). If they fail to comply they can be arrested. It's only a misdo, so we usually require a PPA unless we admonish and we witness. I've yet to see a DA file on any of the 602 violations we've arrested.

We do have some bussinesses that have letters on file w/ the PD that request us to make arrests on their behalf if we find people on their property. I have yet to utilize one of those letters, so I don't know the legalities of it. I'm sure the city attorney has some input on the creation of those letters and our ability to act on them. Usually telling people to leave in lieu of being arrested works.
Good to know though.
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