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Originally Posted by OleCuss View Post
I think Roberts in particular does not want to have this case become a bigger factor in the 2020 election than necessary. If the court is viewed as having timed the orals or the decision in a manner which would affect the election, it will be considered by many to be a political court which is trying to interfere where it should not.

And if the orals occur prior to the election in the next session you will have people arguing that the SCOTUS is trying to affect the election.

So I expect Roberts (maybe others as well) would argue for distancing this case from the election and I'd guess that January is the earliest they'd hear the case. Because I expect the language to be hard-fought-over I'm guessing it gets heard no later than March.

So I'm guessing/speculating that the case is heard in the January to March time frame.
IMO, there's no way this case won't be an issue in the election. Regardless of when it is heard/orals, the decision is most likely to be issued in June -- right before the Democratic (July 13 to 16, 2020) and Repub (August 24 to 27, 2020) national conventions. That will bring the focus of the election on to federal courts, esp SCOTUS, Trump's judicial picks and the 2nd A/gun control. It will energize both the antis and our side. Last time, the MSM and Liberals didn't think he'd beat Hillary. This time the fight will be far nastier, far more expensive and far more important (more SCOTUS justices likely to retire, esp Liberal, than this presidential term).

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