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enjoy your summer while we all await the Long Conference at the end of Sept (Rogers, Pena and Gould are still await cert decisions).
Mulford was 52 summers ago............GCA-68 was 51 summers ago.

At 70, I'm damn tired of "waiting" for all these suits to offset the F'n avalanche of Unconstitutional laws we get more buried under every "summer". I'm quickly running out of "summers".................

In the once great state of Ca. that I grew up in.

At 13 I went to swap meets and garage sales and bought guns.

Could drive around with a loaded pistol on the seat of my 59 Impala.

Only waiting period, was waiting for ANY local hardware or Five n Dime store to ring up my gun or ammo purchase.

Now 50 some yrs later. I'm a F'n criminal if I walk from my front door to the car in the driveway without my shotgun being cased and out of sight.

Anybody remember the old cartoon of 2 buzzards in the dead snag tree? One looks at the other and says.

"Patience be Damned, I'm gonna Kill something".
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