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I had toyed with the idea of chopping the barrel to 16", but was undecided until this morning. I AM NOT CHANGING A THING!!!!!! It is crazy accurate as is with the 18.5" barrel! I went to the range today to see if putting it in the Ruger factory poly stock I had for the Mini-30, changed POI from the 186 factory wood stock. ZERO change in point of impact. First I started with clay pigeons on the berm at 100 yards.

MK262 MOD IMI 77 grain OTMs. Mini is zeroed at 250 yards. Using a 6 o'clock hold at 100 yards, I hit clay pigeons 100% of the time first shot. The I started shooting the pieces of clay pigeons I had shattered. 100% hits every shot.

Then I moved on to my Nosler 77 grain BLC(2) loads. exactly the same as the MK262 MOD1, including 100% hits on pieces of clay pigeons. Report and recoil felt identical to the factory loads.

Then I grabbed a 30 round USA Magazine full of my 55 grain IMR 4064, M193 clone loads. Same performance, 100% hits on clay pigeons at 100 yard. The only difference was than when shooting pieces of the shattered clay pigeons, I had to hold slightly right to hit the pieces. I seem to remember they printed about 1.5 inch left of the 77s when I shot paper. Still well less than minute of bad guy/troll/zombie/goblin/raving insurrectionist out to 200 yards!

Shooting the 186 Mini-14, as always, was an absolute joy. After 100+ rounds, I was still hitting pieces of clay pigeons at 100 yards 100% I really think the weight and harmonics of the muzzle brake mitigates the barrel whip and stringing pencil barrels usually have. The 580 series post and wing front sight that I installed is also a factor, giving a superior consistent sight picture than the mile high blade sight that the 186 series originally had. I was never a fan of the original blade sights.

At 6 pounds, 9 ounces in the poly stock, I did not notice any more recoil than the 7 pounds it was in the factory wood stock. If anything, I think the poly absorbs more recoil. I also ran a Wilson 1911 buffer on the front and on the rear.
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