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Originally Posted by wpage View Post
Nice how does she shoot?
On a good day, 2 MOA or under with iron sights and MK262 MOD1 77 grainers. That is with 67 year old eyes and iron sights. It cloverleafs at 25 yards. It will break clay pigeons at 100 yards with iron sights, and hit the 12" 200 yard gong every time, also with iron. That's is definitely better than Minute of troll or zombie! Certainly better than I need. That is about the same as I can do with my 16" AR15 with iron sights and the same ammo.

NOTE: Until last year, I have pretty much had an AK of some flavor or another since the mid-1980s when the Chinese were coming in. I NEVER had any AK, including Saiga, that would do better than 3-4 MOA with iron sights, so don't start griping about how inaccurate "2 MOA" is. My Colt upper AR15 doesn't shoot any better than that with iron sights!

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