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Originally Posted by hermosabeach View Post
I don't need anything too fast.

Looking to add a second hard drive into my PC to store Photos and Video. Probably 2tb - 5tb

I know Japan had some issues with drives made after the Tsunami...

Any brands to get or Avoid?
I've worked in IT for many years, perhaps I can give you some suggestions that, based on your budget, might help.

First off, someone mentioned the external USB drives are cheaper, this is true. It's a less expensive option. I've known people, including myself, that tore them open (not easy) and installed them into their PC's. This voids the warranty, but saves you money as you will probably upgrade before it dies. You can use them as designed and plug them into your USB ports, also.

That being said, 4TB internal drives are a great value, there's a significant jump in price after that mark. So, if that's an OK size, start there.

Next, because of the value above, get TWO. Put them in a RAID1 (mirror) so if one dies you still have your data. Replace the dead one and it'll rebuild. This is "software RAID" and is supported in Win7 and Win10 (Win10 will also support RAID5), but RAID1 only uses two disks. RAID1 will get you a little faster performance when reading.

What you might want to try is a NAS, also mentioned on this thread. Terramaster has a NAS that Newegg puts on sale once in a while for $200. It'll take up to 5 drives, but you can start with 2 (mirror) and expand, changing the RAID level as you add disks. You can also upgrade (replace with larger disks) storage as it gets cheaper and the NAS will auto resize your usable space as you replace disks. You can also add more disks and it'll expand the amount of space. Easier than it sounds, but I don't want to go into this.

Brands that are good? What is mentioned here, WD, HGST, etc. I use Seagate Red (Enterprise NAS) Drives in a Synology NAS at work. They also have a 5-drive version. Better than Terramaster. I've had 2 Seagate drives out of 20 (4 NAS') go bad within 4 months.

For home use, I don't think you need the RED NAS level drives. I've used generic drives for my SAN's I had for virtualization and they lasted the typical 3-5 years. Ruining 100% of the time with disk i/o being pretty constant.

Hope that helps.

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