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Originally Posted by mobile1 View Post
Thx... well I am not really a tinfoil type of guy.. besides I think some monitoring is ok.. there's just too many ****ed up people out there and law enforcement needs to have a way to spot things early.

That being said my work in the past has given me some insights into these agencies and there IS a lot more monitoring going on than people realize - it just is that way. What I wrote is not unreasonable to think - and no that's not a conspiracy theory but based on past experiences around my work.

Anyway but probably the ad tracking stuff that's disabled via vpn maybe is causing the speedup/slowdown...

...have to say though as a newbie in this forum I am a bit surprised how hostile some responses here have been... not sure it's worth to stick around if that's how things are here... constant ridicule... I guess time to check out some other places...
Sounds like you need a safe room.

Good luck.
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