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Originally Posted by omgwtfbbq View Post
You all misunderstood what I was telling the guy. I never indicated that it is necessary to calling his IA or that he needs permission to do what is already legal. The point of the post was to demonstrate that if someone is insistent on finding out a particular policy, despite how unnecessary it might actually be, they shouldn't rely solely on the words found on an internet forum.
What you said was:
Originally Posted by omgwtfbbq View Post
If you are unsure, and you are deadset on getting permission, I would call your issuing agency and not just take the word of someone on the internet.
What that appears to encourage is asking for permission. While he’s at it, perhaps he should also ask if the mags must be OEM, if the holster must be leather or kydex or hybrid, if the ammunition he’s chosen is approved, if his holster needs a retention strap or if he can carry an extra magazine...or maybe two? Are night sights legal, and can you run a light on your gun?

You can’t be free while constantly asking for permission.

At some point, CCW holders may have to rapidly evaluate information available to them, and in a split-second, decide to take another’s life. When that happens, should they call the IA and ask permission to shoot?

Doesn’t it make sense to begin that decision training now? We need to be able to gather information from various sources AND MAKE AN INDEPENDENT DECISION.

With all of the information available on this site, an individual should be able to make the best decision for themselves. If they aren’t comfortable with the info, then leave the LCMs home.

If they have to ask, “Mother may I”, they should leave the gun at home.
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