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Default Is my internet being monitored after gun/silencer search?

So past couple weeks I have been restarting an old hobby of mine ..guns... So i looked up every topic about what gun to get etc also silencers (I like not having to wear much ear protection)..noticed they are super expensive then read about home made ones to see if they are cheaper..all the way to eBay which sells em from china. After that I looked up what I need to do legally then realized they are not even allowed in this state.. so stopped reading about it and moved on.

However since then I noticed that my internet speed is suddenly super slow, things don't load fast anymore especially when I am on https gun sites or gun related forums.

So then I turned on my VPN (basically program I need for work but which heavily encrypts all web traffic which technically should slow things a little bit down) and guess what, all the gun sites suddenly load super fast. Internet is as snappy again as it ever was. That is through the same connection.

What I want to know is how do I get off that internet slow down list? I don't feel like having to run everything via VPN moving forward just to have a somewhat decent internet.

Am I just paranoid or is it a coincidence or has anyone experiences the same?

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