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Originally Posted by gorn5150 View Post
Doesn't your T mobile plan cover Mexico? Mine does.
You are paying more +upgraded tethering for data, right?
I'm not:
"Texting & data (at up to 128 kbps) abroad in 140+ countries & destinations"

International is roaming with my grandfathered Simple Choice plan as I understand it.
(4GB per line (throttled after 4GB), with 4 lines $100/month.)

They offer a bump for Canada and MEX compat. partners @ $10 per line/month (only mine going out of the US, so I bumpped it up $10 for my line).

I'll be in Mexico for 4-7 day spurts, at a time from here on out when I go, and I got to have my (hotel pr0n, and other) data, along with calls and texting.

I bumped up to the the North America Feature - Add-On up the $10 as I do not want any overages, as it might be a lot?

I was pulling perfect 4g data when down there with the add-on.

Craft beers like WONDERFUL Stouts, porters,and Reds for $4-US a 16oz pint, and Indio/Tecate/XX bottles were like $1.25-$1.50 US/bottle at a bar.

I think, since my drinking buddy from corp. (same title and position) is probably going next time, that I will try to convince him to go a Gentlemen's Club to get hot chiqas to bring us beers, even for a bit of a markup.
We got a little messed up, drinking our last trip, and enjoyed ourselves a bit in our off hours the last day, once I fell out of the on-call rotation, and the hotel was w/in walking distance with no roads to cross.

It looks like the Simple Choice had a Simple Choice North America for the same price, but I hadn't planned on going when switching was an option...
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