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Originally Posted by sfarchitect View Post
I know I'm in the minority here but, I am not, and again will never be, a member of the NRA. My bellwether has always been, at the and of the proverbial day does this organization do more harm than good. Yes, sign me up. I'm an ACLU member. To me, no way does the NRA in its 21st Century form meet that standard. I'm old enough to remember the NRA before and during vietnam, it passed the sniff test up to about the mid 80's. Today, no way.

Only in the last few years I've noticed booths and people actively soliciting outside of gun shows, or what once were gun shows offering free admission if you'll enroll in or renew your NRA membership. My reply has always been; 'why, so the NRA can pretend their a grass roots organization?' Myself and my position have been equally popular there.

Having said that (Oh dear, I've done it again) I'll now hunker down in my bunker for a while and try and survive the death threats, strafing fire, J-DAM's and trolls.
I have been a member of the NRA since 1975. I watched the change occur. I watched as the hunting membership wanted to take their little 700,000 member organization out west and leave the DC area.
You have chosen your path, I respect that. I believe you to be wrong and I will not be nasty about it.
Now the NRA, without you, has grown to over 5.6 million members. Some of the hunting NRA members were happy to leave and let the government run over the 2nd amendment. I have been fighting with the NRA all those years to win back our God given rights. We win more than we lose, the NRA is NOT stuck in 1970, they grew.

If you would like to have a respectful, truthful debate about the NRA history, I might be your guy. Lastly, I have seen the ACLU and the NRA work side by side in court. Have you?
Better to have it and not need it then to need it and not have it.
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