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shame you're in NorCal, I have a few boxes of 7.7 and 6.5 that I had someone load using old japanese ammunition data

Deadly on honeydew, my first centerfire rifle was an arisaka, we (Sal and I) were using Hornandy loads and putting chunks of melon like 40ft in the air. Looking at the numbers, looks like they attempted to completely duplicate the ballistics on .303 British.

-Sampachi, what kind of frog is that? is it leather?

oh and if you guys are interested in adding to your collection, I know a bunch of people with original uniforms, documents, ammunition, and other Imperial Japanese related articles.

Just avoid anything personalized or religious like letters, shrines, and flags; we've had a haunted battle flag float around until it found someone it liked

OK! One more photo

Kudos to the photographers, it was a fine picture -Your's Truly with the Type 89 mortar
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Anti gun BS...

Finger print recognition is one more thing that keeps your killamajig from performing its killimafunction

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