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Originally Posted by guns4life View Post
Acting like revolvers are some kind of lesser weapon, suitable only for a woman is laughable. While a .38 in a 3" barrel is something any woman can manipulate effectively, one should not consider revolvers "girl guns". It's a disservice to revolvers and their capabilities, and women offended at the notion of using one think too highly of themselves IMO.

I don't see why theres so much hate toward revolvers. They are incredibly simple to use and rarely ever malfunction. People who think they are lesser because they shoot a revolver need to calm down. A revolver (S&W 686+) is my house gun and I am a male.

I have worked the gun counter in the past and alot of times I would get a man and wife or sometimes a single guy or a single girl wanting a gun for home protection. A revolver (a med to large frame, not small j-frames) is a great choice for a home defense handgun in my opinion. But we arent debating that aspect of it...

I have sold L-frame S&W revolvers (and autos for that matter) to plenty of girls and guys... Both types of handguns have their pros and cons. For me, a revolver is a better choice for HD whether youre a guy or a girl. but thats just my opinion..
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