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In my experience technique is more important for those with less arm strength/weaker grip. And yes, women do generally have less arm strength and grip. But it does seem to me technique is 90% of it.

I cannot rack the slide on my XD-40 subcompact the ideal way, but only by grabbing the whole slide with my hand, risking catching the webbing on my hand in the action. This is because I am handicapped in my right hand, and it cannot grip very well (left arm/hand is, however, abnormally strong). It requires me some physical exertion, especially I want to lock the slide back. Now a subcompact, of course, is harder to rack. Yet a fairly petite girl at the range, with very skinny arms/wrist, tried my gun and racked the slide no problem, easier than I do. Now dollar to donuts my one good arm is stronger than both of hers combined and then some. But she could grab the in a better way than I can, and with better technique do it better. She probably couldn't do it the way I do, but she doesn't have to.
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