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Originally Posted by repubconserv View Post
Sure, if youd like to keep being a goofy holier than thou keyboardist
Beg, borrow, or steal a clue.

I didn't criticize your buddy, i mentioned gun enthusiasts in general. You took it as a direct attack on your paramour, apparently.

You thought you were going to flip that on me, but failed miserably. It was neither applicable nor witty. It just flopped.

Then you appear to have called me retarded or otherwise handicapped.

You are an emotionally driven shallow thinker, and youre in over your head.

Again, when trying to lord reasonableness over others, you should exhibit it yourself. Instantly devolving into a personal attack reveals what you truly are.

And it isn't much.

If you insist on skulking back and pretending to continue this, be original, stop trying to flip my words on me.
Originally Posted by repubconserv View Post
Print it out and frame it for all I care
Originally Posted by el chivo View Post
I don't need to think at all..
Originally Posted by pjsig View Post
You are talking to someone who already won this lame conversation, not a brick a wall. Too bad you don't realize it.
Originally Posted by waterfern View Post
Didn't realize. I try not to be political.
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