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Originally Posted by JagerDog View Post

You are due your firearms. There's no association between your guns and a reception deposit (barring an agreement which states so). I can't steal or hold hostage your property in exchange for even an associated debt.

Beng firearms this is accentuated. He CANNOT take over ownership in CA without going through an FFL.

Worst case, you don't get them back and be glad you aren't involved with this vindcitive family anymore. But I see no legal reason you can't getthem back. I hate the idea of LE for rather domestic issues, but thet may have to be step to document. Small claims suing for value is another recourse.
Spot on, he is trying to not get LEOS involved. He did write off a laptop and Ipad but wants his guns back. There are also some veiled threats he's trying to work around.
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