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Originally Posted by hermosabeach View Post

There are specific law on the books for lending a firearm to someone in CA.
Different requirement for hands guns and long guns.

The law requires the HSC for a handgun loan.

While it sounds like the storage was not a loan, if the person has access to the firearms it might be considered a loan under the ca penal code.

Your friend has choices.

One is a simple articulation that the items are seperate- storing the guns and the cost of the reception.

One could simply contact the man and ask for the date and time in the next 13 hours when you could collect your property.

If they refuse, explain that you will be asking the PD/ Sherriff to assist in the recovery of your property.

No reason to be threatening, just lay out what you see as the options for getting the property returned.

Texting and emails are great as they can be produced to LEO and will verify that he has the property

You are due your firearms. There's no association between your guns and a reception deposit (barring an agreement which states so). I can't steal or hold hostage your property in exchange for even an associated debt.

Beng firearms this is accentuated. He CANNOT take over ownership in CA without going through an FFL.

Worst case, you don't get them back and be glad you aren't involved with this vindcitive family anymore. But I see no legal reason you can't getthem back. I hate the idea of LE for rather domestic issues, but thet may have to be step to document. Small claims suing for value is another recourse.
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