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Originally Posted by GoodEyeSniper View Post
Buncha nice guns here. I'll be able to throw mine in here on June 1st, when I can pick mine up!

CZ 75b compact .40

Edit: Bah! just found a really bad review on the compact .40, one of the ones that automatically makes you wanna see if the gun store will give you your money back. But then I read the people who put thousands of rounds through with no problem.

sometimes I hate the internet...
It is not the gun!

They did have some issues with mags when first introduced but that appears to have been resolved. The Compact 40 I have was a new return to CZ for FTF and was sold by Whittakers to me.

Turns out the gun is near perfect but the mags (older versions) are ammo sensitive.

I have shot the following with zero issues:

180 grn Miwall reloads
180 Blazzer Brass
180 UMC
Winchester White box
165 grn & 180 grn Winchester JHP "ranger" ammo
My 180 grn lead reloads

All of these function fine but the factory mags do not like 180 grn Fed Hydra-shocks for some reason; I can get about 4-5 in and the follower hangs up and the ammo just drops out of the mags if turned upside down.

I am certain you will like the gun. If you don't let me know where you live; I will give you the same I paid Whittakers for mine
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